So after four hectic and crazy months, we’re finally in contract to buy a house and sell our co-op. This is the main reason why I chose to take a month off from blogging, and I didn’t want to announce anything if something were to fall through and rain disaster upon our lives.

So Grace and I made the decision in early January to actively shop for a house. We looked over our finances and the housing market, got pre-approved for an insane amount that we were sure we really couldn’t afford, and spent many weekends visiting open houses. Both of our one and two-bedroom co-op finds in Forest Hills were very quick, and so we knew that our search further east for a house simply couldn’t be as easy, and we were right. We looked at over 15 houses, and had to suspend our search when CJ became sick in late February and was admitted into the hospital, but after a load of a rollercoaster of emotions and countless hours of getting our mortgage application complete with thousands of documents, everything is in line and we’re ready to close very soon. We had to make some sacrifices in what we wanted in the house, but in the end we’re thankful to have this opportunity.

On top of that we’re currently in contract to sell our two-bedroom co-op here in Forest Hills. After having our offer accepted for the house, we went into beast mode cleaning and decluttering our apartment to get it ready for viewings and an open house. Going into this we wanted to sell quickly so that we wouldn’t carry two mortgages, so we were ready to accept anything near asking price. But after our buddy Simon put together and published our listing, he received numerous calls from agents wanting to show our apartment to their clients. And so just after six days of showings before the scheduled open house, we were able to comfortably accept an offer and are currently in contract.

So as you can see, the past four months have been a whirlwind of life. But we’re thankful that our kids are healthy, for family and friends for helping us search for a house and sell our co-op, and also for a much needed Disney trip. Cheers to next steps.

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