Bro Love


A couple of weeks ago a handful of us married guys at church went out to dinner together and ate at Queens Comfort.


A restaurant in Astoria that serves primarily sandwiches and other unhealthy, but super tasty food.


The pizza mac and cheese was excellent.


As well as the cheesy tater toys.


But what put me over the top was the breaded chicken sandwich. I love breaded chicken sandwiches and this was absolutely the best I’ve ever had. It tasted similarly to a Lenwich’s Jimmy T sandwich, but better with its sweet and sour sauce. But what was even better was that the guys treated me to dinner and dessert. I know it wasn’t really a planned surprise and just an add-on, but I still appreciated it…a lot! I was actually sad a little bit prior to this because I was thinking that I couldn’t remember the last time friends had taken me out for my birthday, not just family, but friends…as if I have no real friends :(. So this was what I needed, lol!


And a huge bonus was that Queens Comfort’s theme is retro toys and collectibles, and they had a single Street Fighter II: Championship Edition arcade unit outside.


I’ve played my fair share of the more recent editions, but I haven’t played CE in over a decade.


So we all jumped on it and made our two credits last as long as possible by taking turns amongst the six of us. This was definitely one of the funner nights in recent history, lol!

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