Sadly, CJ is still sick, but now with pneumonia. We think his flu lasted a few days earlier last week and he then developed the pneumonia immediately afterwards. Quite the transition. He still has fevers every six to ten hours or so, so we’re constantly alternating between advil and tylenol while giving him his prescribed antibiotics with the occasional cold facecloth. On top of all that, CJ was prescribed an inhaler so the medication can directly go to his lungs. And with it we had to purchase an AeroChamber to make the use of the inhaler much easier and less cumbersome for CJ.

For the most part, CJ has been good with taking his medicine, but it was initially difficult for CJ because one of his medications gave him a severe stomach ache Friday night. Thankfully, his pediatrician was willing to prescribe CJ a different medication the next day which was easier on his body. However, that night CJ developed back pain which is a side effect of pneumonia that kept him moaning through much of the night. But we’re thankful for our family and friends praying with us as his back pain was only experienced that night and hasn’t returned since.

So right now we’re still battling his fevers and cough and it’s been a strain on us because we’re in such disbelief that this is taking so long for CJ to be completely healed. Right now this is day 8 with day 9 creeping up. Crazy. At this point, we just have to remain diligent and keep praying for God’s healing.

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