Bite Guard


So after almost a two year hiatus, I decided it was finally time for a dental checkup and cleaning. Yes, I’m terrible at going to the dentist because I have sensitive gums and I’m embarrassed of my yellowish teeth. But what really motivated me to make an appointment was because there was a build up of white plaque around the gumline of my teeth. Well, after the cleaning, I could definitely see clean gaps between my teeth, lol! But the hygienist and dentist were more concerned about my bite. I didn’t know this, but I have an underbite that allows my teeth to grind each other into flat surfaces, which apparently isn’t good because my teeth can become shortened and the nerves exposed. So aside from surgery or braces, they suggested that I wear a night guard while I sleep because I probably grind my teeth. I just received the approval from my insurance in the mail, so I will be returning to my dentist soon for a mold fitting and hopefully on my way to better and more sustainable teeth.

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2 Responses to Bite Guard

  1. Helen Suhu says:

    I have the same…I’ve been wearing a night guard for a year and a half and your sister for almost two years. The teeth grinding is hereditary…it is a clear plastic that will go over your bottom teeth. I now cannot sleep without it. It will protect your teeth from getting worn.

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