So Sad


Yesterday we went to apply for EJ’s passport and these are the two best photos we got out of the entire ordeal. Someone suggested going to the Hallmark store on Austin Street which cost $2.99 (for each!). Of course she cried, so the left one didn’t come out perfectly, but it was the best out of ten photos. We went to the post office in the Roosevelt Field mall and apparently every other parent with their children were waiting on line too (never go when school is out). After waiting forever (in which people really need to read the instructions to make the line go faster), the post office lady said that she was almost sure that the photo we provided would work, but because it wasn’t completely centered she offered to take a better photo there…for $15. FINE! So EJ received the second mugshot on the right, no more better. Ugh…I’m just not good with cars and passports. At least CJ was okay while we were all out for the most part with him still being sick.

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4 Responses to So Sad

  1. Janina421 says:

    First passport, yay! FYI you can take your own photo on a white background (do you have a white wall at home? Or just find someone with Photoshop to help you white out the bkgrd) and then use a web service to help you place/size the face correctly, x6, on a 4×6 canvas. Then you can just print that one 4×6 photo at CVS, Walgreens, for less than $1. I think I used Then you can take as much time as you want for the perfect photo! 🙂 Can’t help you with the application process though; glad the kids were pretty good though.

  2. Jenna says:

    Awww she looks like a mini CJ on the right! 🙂

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