Kalahari Indoor Water Park

IMG_3409  IMG_3431

Last Saturday we took a day trip to the Kalahari: Spa & Convention Center in the Poconos. We chose this particular indoor water park because it’s relatively new compared to other parks as it opened up last July, one doesn’t have to stay over night to gain access to the park, and it’s very kid friendly with many slides and activities just right for CJ and EJ.

IMG_3433 (5)

This was that Saturday that was one of the coldest days ever with records low. On our drive up we actually ran into two short whiteout snowstorms in which I couldn’t see beyond three car lengths in front of me. Thankfully not many cars were on the road and everyone had the sense to drive slowly with their emergency lights on to help us all see each other.


We arrived safely to a bustling resort that had a few restaurants and a Chucky Cheese-like arcade.


We checked in, received our electronic wristbands, and entered a very nice 80 degree water park.


There were a lot of people because it was Presidents weekend, but it wasn’t too packed as there were enough tables and chairs for everyone because the park limited the amount of tickets sold and this particular day was sold out.


We were so excited for the kids because there were a good amount of slides for them to go down on. Not just one or two, but a nice variety that kept them both occupied the entire day as shown in the video at the bottom.


Although very expensive, we will probably return and perhaps will stay overnight to take advantage of the two day pass that we would receive if we were to book a room.



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