Daddy Daddy Daddy


With me having the week off from work because of mid-winter recess, I suppose it was the best time for CJ to catch the flu.


Like most flu’s, CJ has fluctuated with fevers as high as 103.5 and then chills, and has also lost his appetite. He’s been very needy as he’s cognizant of his sickness, but that comes with the territory.


EJ has been great, cheerful as ever. And I’ve been doing my best to keep her distance from CJ because the last thing I need is for her to catch what her brother has.


Everyone was in good spirits this morning as I made pancakes for the kiddies.


And thanks to Grace, CJ was able to eat his mommy’s tasty chicken noodle soup. And my sister helped us out by watching the kids as they slept so that Grace and I could go out to Trader Joe’s to purchase the ingredients. As I’m writing this, I think CJ sweated it out and just broke his fever. Praying.

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