The Chocolate Quest


So sending CJ to private school also comes with the exciting task of selling chocolate to fundraise money. Yay. For what? I have no idea, but everyone practically knows that selling at church is a quick way of getting rid of the goods. So yesterday I grabbed half of the box, threw them into a large ziplock bag and brought them along with us to church. After service CJ wanted to stick with Grace, so I grabbed EJ to help me sell off the golden bars. I really didn’t think I’d do well, but with EJ’s assistance we sold 24 bars! I think the key was after asking someone if they would like to buy a chocolate bar for CJ’s school, give the customer only a second to respond and if there’s silence to immediately list off the five different flavors and bam…reeled them in. LOL! It was probably more due to the fact that the cost is only $1, everyone loves chocolate, and the people at church are generally nice, ha! I was also surprised that people prefer dark and rice crispy chocolate bars over milk, caramel, and almond. Milk #FTW!

So with six more sold to family, we only have half of the box left to sell and I’m sure Grace and I can get our co-workers to buy the rest. I actually thought about selling to my students who will devour anything, but I won’t prey upon the uninhibited, lol!

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