Jonas 2016

IMG_3297 (1)

During the heart of the blizzard at 10:30am, we all went out as a family to experience the beauty. Just kidding, we wanted to try out the new sled that we got for just $6 at Target, the last one too, while the snow was fresh and puffy before all the other kids pounded on it.


Although EJ was tenacious in wanting to stay outside, she really wanted to be inside.

Just two blocks away is our local park that has a decent sledding slope.

IMG_3306 IMG_3307

Yes, it was very windy. In the end, CJ just wanted to throw snowballs at us.


After all was said and done, with a whopping official 28+ inches marking NYC’s second worst blizzard, most everyone’s church services were canceled which gave us time to go over and help my parents shovel themselves out.


Almost getting there.


With snowdrift, it really felt like my parents got over three feet because it literally took me four scoops before I could see blacktop each time as I made one step forward through the giant piles of snow.


CJ and Grandma’s snowman.

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One Response to Jonas 2016

  1. Helen Suhu says:

    Nice family shot in the blizzard!!

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