Oh…Did I Hit You?

IMG_3280 (1)

Yesterday as we unloaded our kids from our CR-V in the school parking lot before service, our car was hit by someone who was pulling out and wasn’t supposed to be parked in the parking lot. Yes, our parked car was hit. Thankfully the person was backing out and hit our front license plate straight on, so nothing was damaged or scratched. But the frustrating part was two-fold. The people who park in the lot on Sunday know they are not supposed to park there, and this person played the stupid/innocent part and didn’t stop until Grace got in front of her car and had the audacity to say she didn’t feel the bump and simply didn’t know she hit us. I know you’re not supposed to outright admit to fault for any type of accident, but real dumb dude. As I was taking EJ out of her car seat, our car rocked back and forth really hard. Talk about not having any integrity and making yourself look really stupid. In the end, she apologized repeatedly, and Grace and I kept yelling at her and tried to lay the smackdown on her, but all three of us simply couldn’t find a single scratch on our car, lol! So she said sorry and we let her go. Although we’re really thankful that nothing happened, it very much contributed to our rough morning and mediocre worship as we already had a difficult time getting the kids out in the first place.

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