Happy 4th Birthday, CJ!

009 (Large)

Today CJ turned 4 years old!


We started the day by making CJ his very own custom toy parking garage.


CJ is into his little cars and is always pretending to build parking garages and organizing his cars into them. So I researched how much a Hot Wheels parking garage set would cost and I could not justify paying $110 for a large piece of plastic, so I decided to build my own. Not too bad at all.

011 (Large)

We weren’t able to take any photos, but we took our kids to Gantry Park so that CJ could test out his new bicycle that my parents got him for Christmas. This was his second time biking and although he still has a difficult time peddling, he seemed more comfortable than last week.

019 (Large)

Afterwards, we drove over to Chinatown for some good Malaysian food and then to pick up his ice cream birthday cake from the Chinatown Ice Cream Factory.

010 (Large)

We then headed over to a gluten and vegan-free bakery to get some cupcakes and desserts for the kids.

021 (Large)

Then my mom and sister brought over dinner to celebrate with the big boy.


CJ loves car washes so much that he got two of them today!

015 (Large) 025 (Large)

034 (Large)

Grace and I are so proud to be CJ’s parents. He’s learned so much and is growing up so fast. CJ is still very particular and prefers routines as he’s learned to brush his own teeth and can put on most of his clothes if he really tried. He’s also progressed very well in tracing and writing his name and other letters. I love it when CJ is cooperative and says, “oooookaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy.” But most of all we’re delighted that he’s beginning to understand little by little who Jesus is and what He’s done for him. May the Lord give CJ the faith to love Jesus and everyone around him (and also share with his sister more often).

Your parents, sister, and family and friends all love you.

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