EJ’s (Not) Infant Baptism [Water Power Part 2]


Yesterday we had EJ baptized.


Although she’s way past the infant stage, we were finally able to get it scheduled at 18-months old, lol!


Grace and I are very thankful for our church in supporting our family.


It was a very special moment for everyone because it so happened to be during a rare joint service between both the Living Faith and King’s Cross congregations of LFCC, and it was King’s Cross’ first first-hand experience of an (infant) baptism.


I got a little teary-eyed as Pastor Ro talked about the baptism significance and vows. God has really brought our family far.


Considering that I couldn’t get EJ to nap in the morning, she did pretty well.


I was also impressed by CJ’s calmness and patience throughout the entire 10-minute ceremony.


Pastor Ro has married us and baptized both our children.


Right on queue.


Praise the Lord! Now another 10 to 12 years until her confirmation and then she can participate in the other sacrament of the Lord’s supper. My thoughts about infant baptism are here: Water Power, a 2012 post about my initial struggles and thoughts concerning CJ’s pedobaptism.

PC: Minnow Park

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