NYCC 2015


So as usual, I attended this year’s New York Comic-Con over the weekend. And thanks to my educator and anime club supervisor status’, I was a Pro and got to enter the convention at a separate entrance and 15 minutes earlier than all the other regular peons.


As always, one of my prime objectives is to score as much free swag as possible to resell and scalp via ebay to make my trip less expensive or even profitable. To my angst though, Mega Bloks wasn’t handing out free figures this year, but free bags if one posted and tagged a photo of themselves on instagram sitting on this chair. Sure.


We ran into Mr. Coulson and some agents from the Shield gang.


I don’t know, but I was tired by the time I took this weird photo.


I scored a few artists’ signatures and picked up a few comics and graphic novels, but I actually found myself perusing the literacy vendors more than any of the other booths because I was looking for something useful to get my kids. The Ultimate Book of Vehicles is really cool, it’s one of those pop books where you open and close and move things around. The Papertoy Monsters book is just something fun I can look forward to doing with my kids, and the My First Batman Book is a simple touch and feel board book. And I made sure that all of these were discounted competitively relative to Amazon prices before committing, lol!


I have this currently up for $55


Someone actually bought this within an hour of listing it for $53.


I have this up for $25.




Someone bought two of this free comic from me for $20 each.


And this poster set sold for $54.

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