First Day of Pre-K [A Month Ago]


Yes, slightly late due to perpetual lesson planning on a nightly basis, but I think I’m beginning to fall into a groove for work.


Although CJ did get accepted into a couple of free universal pre-k programs at various daycares sponsored by NYC, we visited them and ultimately decided to go with our safety choice.


Grace and I really struggled with the idea of actually sending CJ to a private Catholic school, but it’s been a month now and we know we made the right decision. Of course there are some reasons that obviously don’t make this an ideal predicament, but we’ve come to learn that sometimes even when God opens a door you’ve had your heart set on, it’s not the right one.


CJ is really enjoying his time as his class is small with 4 boys, which they all have bonded and enjoy playing with each other, and 7 girls. And each day his class has a different elective such as spanish, gym, music, and computer classes, things that universal pre-k programs do not have the luxury of due to limited finances and space.


And as usual, we’re thankful for the different family members who have sacrificed their time in taking turns of picking up and bringing CJ home from school.


One Friday in September, CJ’s school held a beginning of the school year kick off party with various balloon rides, food, and face painting.

IMG_2304 IMG_2305 IMG_2306

This floating tee ball thing was quite challenging, but CJ got the hang of it.

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2 Responses to First Day of Pre-K [A Month Ago]

  1. Daniel says:

    Already prepping for he softball tournament?

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