Last week I went to the Phillies vs Mets game at Citifield and witnessed the Mets’ 14-8 defeat. It was a relatively close game up until the 6th inning when the Phillies erupted for 8 runs. A sad loss, but of course it was the company that made the entire night enjoyable.


I was invited to go with Andrew and Eugene, church and college friends respectively.


As everyone in Queens knows, the Mets have been hot for over a month, annihilating their opposition with their newly formed batting lineup and phenomenal pitching rotation. Many say that my dad and I were able to attend the pivotal turnaround game when the Mets began their home sweep of the rival Nationals and went on to steal first place from them and have since held onto the lead.


So Andrew, Eugene, and I wanted to take part in the fun before the season ended and chose to go to this particular game for its cheap tickets. We purposefully purchased the cheapest seats from seatgeek.com for $14 in section 520 because they had a promo code that gave us a $20 refund no matter the cost. So yes, thanks to Eugene, we actually got paid $4 to see the Mets, lol!


And we’ve read articles about being able to use the Ballpark app to purchase cheap upgraded tickets once at the stadium, but they were still a bit pricier than what we expected.


So as we made our way to our seats, we noticed a nice row of  wheelchair access seats open at the bottom edge of section 520, and so we just sat there for the first six innings and enjoyed the open space and front row outfield view.



Unfortunately, once the Mets’ rally was squashed with 8 runs, our attention began to wane a little and we ended up exploring closer seat options.


We moved up not once, but three more times at field level and finished right next to the visitor dugout by the 9th inning at which Andrew and Eugene almost instigated a fight between a kid, a woman, and a foul ball. But they did her justice and helped her keep the foul ball from spoiled kids who didn’t really deserve it.


I had a lot of fun with these guys as we stayed all the way through the last out and I wouldn’t mind going to another game with them. And the $20 seatgeek refund actually worked!

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