Old Man Suhu


For the first time in four years, I was able to fully participate in the annual Living Faith Softball Tournament. After three years, I gave up control and handed the commissioner title to someone equally as qualified, but one who has more time to handle all the responsibilities. With that, I was free to play without having to worry about anything.


In actuality, with two growing children, it just wasn’t possible for me to continue organizing the tournament without sacrificing time with my family. And my team captain was gracious enough to let me play without attending one practice, lol!


Considering all that and my very aging and aching body, I think I played very well in all four games. I played every inning, batted third with around a .500 on-base percentage and a handful of RBI’s, no strikeouts, and patrolled left field with some nice running catches. However, my lack of practice and age, or rather weight gain, showed as my slugging percentage hovered around .300, meaning most of my hits were clean singles or singles that turned into doubles that resulted from poor defense. And my fielding could have been better with some of my routes to the ball were terrible and I was very winded with all the sprinting out there.


In any case, I had a grand time and I hope I can play again next year, just not in the outfield. And I definitely need to pick up running again.

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