White Post Petting Farm


Last week I unexpectedly had the week off from work because the custodial staff was cleaning and waxing the program office’s floor, so I did some research on mommypoppins.com and found White Post Petting Farm for CJ that was only 40 minutes into Long Island, 10 minutes from Ikea. He loves feeding animals, so I knew he was going to enjoy this.


Admission was $11 per person, so I opted to have EJ stay at home with her hal-muh-nee because she’s afraid of furry things that move. I printed out a $2 coupon for each ticket and purchased an $11 package for a bucket of animal feed ($5), a bottle of milk ($2.50), a pony ride ($5), and a train ride ($2.50). So altogether it cost $29 and change and the milk and train ride were free.


White Post doesn’t seem like a farm, but more of a petting zoo and it’s much larger than anything a normal zoo would have.


Upon entry, you’re immediately immersed by sheep, goats, pigs, and some cows to feed.


I didn’t want to hold onto the milk so I had CJ finish that first. The sheeps and goats were very rough with the bottle and CJ had to use two hands and to prevent them from yanking it away from him.

006 007 008

This particular sheep downed most of the milk in seconds.

012 013 014 015

There were more animals to feed to the side of the farm.


It was a nice day and there was plenty of shade and benches.


Yes, camels.


And zebras.


There was a bird atrium. One stick cost $2.50 and was an ample amount to attract these fearless birds.

021 022

CJ didn’t like this much, so after I gave it a try I just gifted our stick to another family to use.


CJ on a horse.


I was surprised CJ actually wanted to do this.



After finishing the lunch I brought with us, CJ explored the playground.

030 031  029


A slow and unexciting train.



Of course, CJ made me sit down for an electronic animal band.


I bought a fresh apple crumb pie, one of the best pies I ever ate.


CJ had a great time. We spent three hours there as it’s a good half-day day trip out into Long Island. There was a lot of room for EJ to run around, so we’ll bring her along next time.

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