VBS 2015


We enrolled CJ in our church’s weeklong Vacation Bible School last week. It’s a three-hour program each day in which kids learn about and worship Jesus through crafts, games, science experiments, skits, and body worship.


At first, with all of the kids CJ was hesitant to participate and Grace and I had to stay a little while each day, but he got better as the week went on and enjoyed his time there.


This year’s theme was the Thailand Trek and the lessons were: God is real, God is love, God is forgiving, and God is forever…believe it!


Each day after praise, CJ’s group started out with arts and crafts.


Then they went on to play some games.

060 062 063

Getting this kid to clap was monumental.

We were given a CD with all of the praise songs and CJ loves singing along in the car. Grace and I are really thankful that our church invests so much in our kids who are unsaved and need to know Jesus just as much as any other adult. Although CJ has a lot more to understand and believe in Jesus, we know this past week helped him get a better glimpse of who He is.

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