Last Friday my Dad and I went to see the Mets battle the Nationals at Citifield.



We ate dinner at the Cesar’s lounge.


We had pretty nice seats in section 312. It was free t-shirt night, so we all got these XL blue Mets shirts. Because Matt Harvey had a perfect game going into the 5th inning, it was a pretty boring game.

But one of the highlights was having my big face on the jumbotron. During a pitching change, a cameraman popped up at the bottom of my section and was scanning for someone to focus on. My section was boring and tame, so I held up the free t-shirt and began flailing wildly for his attention. And then his camera light turned on which meant he was broadcasting live and a second later I saw myself on the jumbtron! I shouted like a maniac as I looked back and forth at the camera and jumbotron. I had the eyes of 35,000 people on me, lol! At least I wasn’t on Kiss-Cam with my Dad.


I met up with my ex-student, Edwin, who just graduated.


He’s been working at Citifield for close to two years and hooked my Dad and I up with a huge bag of free promotional stuff like bobbleheads and t-shirts.


It was a fun night hanging out with my Dad, enjoying the Mets play competitively, being famous in front of 35,000 fans for five seconds, and seeing a friend while scoring some nice swag. This just doesn’t happen at Yankee Stadium that often, lol!

Mets 2 – Nationals 1

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2 Responses to Jumbotron

  1. Helen Suhu says:

    Dad had a very nice time…he appreciated your generosity in paying for everything. Great freebies from your special friend at the stadium!

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