I Wanna Feed The Goats

With my light schedule and the recently beautiful weather, we decided to go the Central Park Zoo because EJ loves animals. We were a little adventurous and took the subway which was CJ’s second time and EJ’s first time. CJ loves trains so he had a grand time, and despite a little restlessness, EJ did fine.

IMG_1823 IMG_1824

One would think that going to any venue on a weekday wouldn’t be crowded, but the summer attracts both tourists and day camps. This minimalist zoo is a cash cow.

CJ loves his penguins.


They seemed more active than last year.


009 (Large)

Chillin like a villain.

014 (Large)

Turtle in a half shell.


But his favorite part is always the feeding/petting zoo.


EJ…maybe not.


If this kid had money, he’d spend it all on feeding the animals.

023 (Large)

026 (Large)

Not bad for my invisible selfie-stick.

Parking it at the park.


Obligatory family selfie-stick photos.

IMG_1843 IMG_1845 IMG_1846

We had a great time together at the zoo, walking around the park, at the large playground, and had some decent ramen too. And EJ topped it off by napping all the way home on the subway.

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