So Loud


A few weeks ago I took CJ to his very first dental check up. A little late, but we brush his teeth twice a day and everything was fine, no cavities.


Grace had actually driven into work that day, so CJ got to experience the subway for the very first time. The children’s dentist office was only two subway stops away, so this was a good test run to see if CJ could handle all the noise and distractions.


So I knew CJ was going to get scared once he sat down in the large chair, but they let him lay on me while he was able to watch Thomas the Tank Engine on a television on the ceiling.


The dentist was very nice and quick and was able to calm CJ down so that he could do a quick cleaning and flossing.


Afterwards, I rewarded CJ with lunch at McDonald’s before heading home.

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2 Responses to So Loud

  1. Daniel says:

    I think that’s the first picture I’ve seen of CJ where he’s not looking at the camera.

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