With CJ’s Pre-K placement always on our mind, we want to do our best to prepare him for the next level because technically, with his late birthday, he may be academically behind a year or so with some of his classmates. We’ve been having him practice from a few tracing and cutting workbooks, but we also wanted to get him something that was a little more cognitive that would stretch his mind a little, so we got him the Pre-K Brain Quest workbook that not only has tracing exercises, but also counting, identification, shapes and colors, and matching.

The first section of the workbook begins with identifying and coloring in the indicated capital or lowercase letter, and after several of them, a matching pop-quiz assesses what was learned. Now, I don’t think we really taught CJ the difference between upper and lowercase letters because there aren’t many good flashcards and books that teach both, but after seeing CJ correctly complete the first page of matching, I just had to record the second page (he already completed the letter D which is hard to see because he used yellow) and I was thoroughly impressed. I’m pretty sure he used his prior knowledge from what he gained from Sesame Street because he already knew the lowercase letters when we did the coloring activities in the pages prior to this exercise. I’m hoping we can finish this book by the beginning of August so that CJ can start and complete a second workbook by the end of the summer.


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5 Responses to Matching/Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey

  1. Judy Consomer says:

    Very good!! He might be a natural lefty ….Jenn liked holding things with her left hand as well but we kept correcting it ….

    • msuhu says:

      When he was young he started out of a left, but we corrected him. I sort of regret it because I’ve read that doing such a thing may result into stuttering because of the switch in the hemispheres of the brain.

  2. Helen Suhu says:

    Caleb is way ahead with so much! He is like a sponge…keep up the good work Dad and Mom!

  3. Helen Suhu says:

    You were a lefty at first too, but I made you a righty and you turned out fine!! Like father, like son…

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