Year 12: End


And thus last Friday ended the 12th year of my teaching career so far, five in middle school and seven in high school. Amazing and completely grace-filled. A few weeks or months ago I wrote about how difficult my students were and just hoped for a 50% regents passing rate. Well, God would have it otherwise as I scored a 60% regents passing rate which is a tad above my school’s geometry regents passing rate, and relatively pretty good considering my classes make up half of that statistic. Thus, besides my highly effective rating, this year turned out to be a good year after all.


In other news, as I get older and experience life at a stellar pace, I am reaching the point in my career as more of my good co-workers have earned their keep and retire into the sunset. Mr. Yan was one of the few math teachers who immediately welcomed me when I arrived at my school seven years ago and remained one of my few good confidants as I would easily confide in him my many frustrations and listen to his encouragements. I will sorely miss him and his energetic charisma.

FullSizeRender (1)

And then there’s Mr. Cheung who really knows his stuff and taught me much about old-school geometry. I will miss our private conversations as he coached me about retirement and vacations, lol!


Lastly, there’s Janice and Lorraine who I work with in the program office. They too have had enough and retired to rest and relax. It was really fun working with them as they would frequently bring in snacks and baked goods which easily have accounted for my excessive weight gain over the past two years. I have already lost one pound since they left!

In all, I’m extremely thankful for getting through the year and finishing strong. Praise God! Can’t wait for September to roll around no one ever said.

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