Say Pollen!

IMG_1272 (2)

So CJ took his school pictures last month…right in the middle of allergy season. The days leading up to his picture day we were consistently giving him allergy medication, but nothing seemed to work and the above portrait is a result of that…puffy eyes. We thought we read on the brochure that we would be able to approve his portrait photo or schedule a retake, but apparently not.

IMG_1273 (2)

At least his class photo came out a little bit better. Hopefully whatever Pre-K program CJ gets into in the fall, the school won’t have picture day in April or May.

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2 Responses to Say Pollen!

  1. Janina421 says:

    So…was he starting to blink, or is that just how swollen his eyes were? Maybe the photographers just figured he was Asian and that’s the biggest his eyes could open. 😉

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