Eggs, Dairy & Sesame

IMG_1148 (1)

A couple of weeks ago we visited CJ’s allergist for EJ and he conducted a skin test and then sent us off to get a blood test. We returned last week for the results and we were informed that EJ is allergic to eggs, dairy, and sesame. Of course this was deflating as we had prayed so much that EJ wouldn’t have any significant allergies as her brother does. But alas, tis not true. Eggs is a big blow, but is familiar, sesame was quite a surprise, but dairy…that destroyed us. How is she supposed to get her calcium and vitamin D? The allergist recommended soy, rice, and almond drinks, but EJ is currently at a picky stage and doesn’t like any of them.

IMG_1149 (1)

The bright spot, though, is that EJ’s allergies are no where as severe as CJ’s. The allergist is hopeful that we can conduct a food challenge on EJ in six months with either egg or dairy, with the possibility that she may not be allergic to processed dairy foods because I’ve given her string cheese months earlier without a reaction, and with a prognosis of being allergy-free by the time she is five years old.

Although we are allergy pros, we still covet your prayers.

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