Happy 1st Birthday, EJ…The Rich Athlete

Happy Birthday, my little zombie cutie pie! I really can’t believe it’s already been a year since she entered our world and made our lives even crazier than before with just CJ. But despite the difficulties, we’re very thankful and are honored to parent this cute little munchkin. She’s very bossy and headstrong, but she really is getting cuter everyday and I’m just amazed how much she has grown.


On Saturday we celebrated EJ’s first birthday with a dohl, a Korean tradition that celebrates the first birthday of a child. EJ wore the hanbok that we purchased when we were in Seoul in 2011. At that time we didn’t know what gender CJ was going to be, but the prices were so much cheaper than the cost over here, so we just bought one of each and we are blessed to have used both.


The night before, we still have a lot of details to finish up, but EJ was having a difficult time sleeping and was up between 1am – 2am which prevented me from finish my work. But it proved to be a blessing in disguise as EJ took a 1.5 hour nap right before the festivities began, so when she woke up she was refreshed and did very well throughout the party.


My two lovely women.


They look like they have plants growing out of their head.


During the doljabi EJ chooses one of several objects laid before her and it’s believed that the object chosen will predict her future. Well, EJ ended up picking up the money, but put that down and went for the ball. They’re only supposed to choose one item, but we’ll just say EJ is destined to become a rich athlete, lol!


Although we had only booked the venue four weeks in advance, we’re thankful that everyone had a great time and complimented us on our choice.


EJ, you’re one wild girl who won’t let us have a good night’s sleep, and you stress us over your poor eating habits. But we’re so blessed to have you and know that you are perfect in how God created you. We pray that you will learn to love Jesus and everyone around you.

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2 Responses to Happy 1st Birthday, EJ…The Rich Athlete

  1. Jenna says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, EJ! I’m so sad I missed it 😦 Your two lovely women are beautiful!!!

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