The Lazy River Vacation


Warning: this is a photo heavy post.


Last week we flew to Fort Lauderdale for a week to escape New York City’s crazy and non-spring-like weather.


Fort Lauderdale actually wasn’t our first choice. We were open to go to Aruba, but I couldn’t pull the trigger for the airline tickets because I didn’t think EJ would have survived, or rather Grace and I, wouldn’t have survived the four hour flight…which I was correct because the 2.5 hour flight to Fort Lauderdale was just enough for our little toddler of terror. Kudos to Jetblue flight attendants for being so gracious and understanding towards our crying little girl.


Some friends advised us to look into Siesta Key in Florida, but all the nice hotels were completely booked.


So I looked to the other side of Florida and we settled on the Pelican Grand Beach Resort.


I think we did well for our third choice.


The king-sized ocean view room was great because it had a living room space with a table and couch, and also a sofa bed for CJ to sleep in.

058 063 066 070 081 084 085

Sadly, the food was just okay. The resort charges $30 a day for parking, and we knew we mostly wanted to enjoy the pools and beach, so we opted to not rent a car, which saved us over $600 with rental cost, but severely limited our meal options because the resort is in the middle of a residential area with shops over a mile north and south each way.


The hotel advertises itself as having two restaurants, which is true, but strangely they both have the same exact menu throughout the day.

088 090 091 092 093 094

The resort has two pools, one with what’s called a zero-entry which is basically a pool that you can just walk into without any ledges or steps because it’s sloped.

And the other pool is the lazy river which totally hit the sweet spot for us. We didn’t really think much of it when we booked our reservation because we thought we’d be in the other pool for most of the time because EJ could just sit in the shallow end, but that pool’s water was always cold and the lazy river was warm and comfortable.

So we basically spent three hours each morning simply floating around the lazy river until lunch and nap time. Thanks to the Yung’s, EJ was able to enjoy the water.


Fort Lauderdale is also where Grace’s dad and brother are at, so we were able to visit them and have them drive us around.


We went to the Young At Art Museum for kids which is really just a children’s play museum.


That kid next to CJ was being a real jerk and I had to yell at him to stop messing with CJ’s structures.

107 114 125

126 129 131 136 142 144

Sing-along and bubble time.

147 148 151 156 165 167 168

Thanks to Grace’s brother, we were able to get off the reservation and get some much needed Chick-fil-a.

170 173

We were actually disappointed by the beach because the sand is like any other regular beach and isn’t nice and soft like any of those Caribbean beaches, nor was the water blue and clear. It was as if Far Rockaway Beach had transported itself to Florida.


182 But of course, CJ enjoyed the beach.

187 188 197

EJ has a little yellow on both sides of her mouth because we didn’t wash her face well enough after dinner, lol!

203 207 220 221

Someone needs to invent a selfie-stick for DSLR’s.

237 248 260 261 288 299 300 301 315

EJ is at the age when she’s difficult to control and wants to get up and crawl and touch everything, so we opted to get in-room breakfast service the last two days and man…we felt like royalty. There was a $4 surcharge with 20% gratuity, but who cares, it was worth eating in our living room. And yes, that’s the wooden tray that I hurt my back when trying to return it, lol!


Do not underestimate the power of the lazy river.


It’s not long, but it’s relaxing enough to take you 4 minutes to get around once.

321 324 326

Grace rescuing CJ from the non-threatening current.


CJ having his daily moment.

338 343

He just wanted to stay and play on the stairs.


354 355

That’s that other cold pool in the background.


We got so sick of burgers, french fries, and fruit cups, that Grace had me walk over to the bed & breakfast right next door and order fish tacos and a lobster roll from them.


Overall, we really enjoyed this vacation because we got exactly what we wanted; stressless warm weathered and watery fun.

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