8 Years

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Wow, I can’t believe Grace and I have been married for 8 blissful years. We haven’t aged at all, ha! I feel like our marriage has been segmented into three phases of our lives based on location and circumstance. First was our one-bedroom apartment which we had for four years, then came our two-bedroom apartment with the arrival of CJ a year after, and now we’re in phase three of our marriage with the addition of EJ, which has come with wonderful times of sleepless zombie-like nights. I hope phase four involves something around the likes of a 5-bedroom with a finished basement, backyard, and driveway, lol!

photo 2 (16)

With all the cards we get for others and each other, finding the perfect one gets harder and less exciting each time around, but when I pegged this card last Spring when shopping for a Mother’s Day card, I knew I had a winner. I’m not particularly fond of the film Up, perhaps I will be when CJ takes a liking to it, but everyone at least loves the opening of the movie in how the man grows old with the love of his life, which is exactly what Grace and I will do. Thanks be to God 🙂

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One Response to 8 Years

  1. msuhu says:


    “Congratulations, Matt and Grace! What a beautiful picture you guys are of Christ’s sacrificial love of the church. It’s been a joy to know you and still see glimpses of your life via social media. 🙂 May our Savior’s love and grace (no pun intended) continue to fill you and lead you to reflect him in your family and to those around you.”

    I accidentally deleted your comment, lol! But thank you for the encouragement. Only by God’s grace has our marriage lasted for so long and has been as fruitful as it has been. We miss you guys dearly.

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