Common-Core Training

With CJ on his way to pre-k in September, his preparation is constantly on our mind. And I didn’t know this, but a friend informed Grace and I that pre-k has its own common-core standards. What?! How is that possible? The talented and gifted exam is for kindergarteners so I knew there had to be some standards for that age group, but I had no idea so much is required for pre-k kids too. At first glance, the standards seem pretty rigorous, but considering that they’re meant for children to master by the end of the school year and not before they enter pre-k, I suppose it’s reasonable and doable.

So with me being home with the kids last week, I spent a few minutes getting CJ ready, lol! One of the first things I learned about math as a teacher is that math is the science of patterns, and I know the talented and gifted exam will ask questions pertaining to mathematical patterns, so I wanted to get CJ started on identifying the uncommon item within a group of objects.

I vividly remember Sesame Street doing this exact game which inspired me to do the same with CJ. I tried this with him a month ago and I had a difficult time explaining to him what the word “different” meant, so I was impressed that he understood the concept this time. It took CJ two practice runs before he was able to identify the correct color that didn’t belong, but he got the different shape example on the first try in the video. And yes, I gave him new colors in the video, and, no, I didn’t point to the odd color to give him a hint. But what is really great is that CJ was able to articulate why he believed the color or shape he chose was different because explaining one’s thoughts and ideas is a very high level concept. I’m not sure if CJ is ahead, on track, or behind, but regardless, I’m very proud of my son.

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2 Responses to Common-Core Training

  1. Helen Suhu says:

    My grandson is a smart cookie!! He is going to do fine with his exams…trust God!

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