CJ’s Chair


Grace went to CJ’s first parent-teacher conference yesterday. I really didn’t think it was necessary, but I was surprised by all of the things they had to say that weren’t in this letter.

  • His painting strokes have progressed to lines.
  • He is shockingly independent.
  • He finishes his lunch by himself and is proud of it.
  • When he needs to use the potty, he shuts the door behind him and wants privacy and does it all by himself.
  • He listens to instructions well and loves to sing and participate.
  • He shares…he shares!
  • He gets upset when someone is sitting in his favorite chair, lol!

When Grace told me these things, I was stunned because most of this is opposite to how he acts at home. Nonetheless, I’m so thankful for CJ’s growth and love for school. Grace and I were worried for him, but he’s learned so much since entering school and we can’t imagine how things would be if he hadn’t.

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One Response to CJ’s Chair

  1. Helen Suhu says:

    I am so glad my grandson is doing so well for his first year in school. I know he will be one of those at the top of his class. I am glad to hear that he is well behaved, unlike yourself when you were his age, always talking out of place!! He has a very sweet spirit about him…

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