Happy Birthday, Wifey!

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Happy Birthday to my wonderful wife!

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So being seasoned, busy, and with kids, both Grace and I take our birthday celebrations in stride, meaning low-key, or doing next to nothing. Coupled with the fact that our birthdays are sandwiched between Thanksgiving and Christmas and the Lunar New Year, Valentine’s Day, and our wedding anniversary, we’re okay with just a good-tasting meal.

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But I love celebrating birthdays, especially surprises. And over the years I’ve formulated a few rules: 1) always celebrate a person’s birthday before or during the actual birthday, and 2) birthdays are best celebrated with family and friends, not alone.

photo 2 (10)So since we really don’t do gifts for each other anymore, aside from any winter accessories we may need, I wanted to surprise Grace with something special at work since she can celebrate with her coworkers. I’ve never had flowers delivered to her, and I looked into it, but I knew she’d appreciate good food much more.

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So I looked into cake delivery and I found Butter Bake Shop on 2nd & 51st, relatively near to Grace’s hospital. I ordered a chocolate cake and paid for delivery and tip that was sent last Friday since Grace is off from work today. But beforehand, I made sure to contact one of her coworkers who could help receive the cake and gather everyone for the surprise. Everything went well and Grace was thoroughly surprised, especially when she found out that I sent the cake. 🙂

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