34 Years

photo 1

Oh man…I’m old.

photo 2

Hitting 30 wasn’t bad at all as I actually didn’t mind it. Even up to 33 I perceived myself as still in my prime, ha! But I think I’m now settling into my twilight, and I’m sure having two kids has something to do with it, as I think I’m mentally preparing myself as I move onto another stage in my life. Sure, whatever that means.

photo 3 (99)

In any case, one of the many blessings of aging is being able to experience God’s gospel more frequently and powerfully, and to witness the transformation and growth of my loved ones. I’m amazed at where God has led me these past 34 years, for I’d never thought I’d have such a wonderful life. Sure, living life is difficult, but no one can say it’s a boring ride. That’s why I try not to sleep too much, I don’t want to miss out (but I wouldn’t mind my kids giving me a break and allowing me to sleep until 7:00 am).

photo 4 (79)

So I welcome and embrace my age with open arms. Bring it, bro!

photo 5 (65)

And CJ took these photos of me as a transformed into some kind of zombie or vampire.

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