That Way!

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We took an impromptu trip to the Poconos Sunday after church into Monday so that CJ could go swimming at a hotel and snowtubing at Camelback.

The last time CJ went swimming with his floaty was in August and he only began to get comfortable on his own towards the end, so we were excited for him to try again and he went off on his own freely for much of the time.

He can’t really swim as he walks or treads through the water, but at least he’s becoming braver as he gets older.

photo 2

For dinner, we happened upon Texas Roadhouse and it was so good.

photo 1

The freshly baked bread was fantastic, and my steak and ribs combo with sweet potato was excellent. I can’t remember the last time I entirely enjoyed such a thorough meal without any tarnish or throwaway dish. I can’t wait to go back.

photo 3 (91)

Our prince and princess.

photo 4 (75)

Enjoying their thrones.

photo 3 (93)

We chose to go to Camelback which is about a 1:50 minute drive from Queens. Although there are a handful of closer ski and snowtubing resorts, Camelback is the only one that has a 33-inch minimum height requirement whereas others want kids to be at least 42-inches. And with CJ’s snowboots and hat, he was well over the minimum height.

photo 5 (61)

EJ was all bundled up and ready for her 3-hour ergo ride.

photo 1

To prepare CJ, we youtubed a few snowtubing videos for him to get mentally ready for the challenge.

photo 4 (76)

There were two snowtubing hills side by side, both with about 15 lanes each. We had to line up and wait for our 3-hour session to begin, and then we walked to the bottom of the hill and grabbed a double tube and took an escalator to the top of the hill and chose a lane much like a supermarket checkout line. Disappointingly, Camelback didn’t have enough snowtubes for everyone, singles and doubles, so once we got down the hill we had to hand our tube off to those who were waiting and then walk to the back of the line and wait for others to finish and grab their snowtubes. It wasn’t crowded after our first two runs, so we were able to get back on the escalator quickly, but it began to get crowded after 11am and I couldn’t game the system any longer. And I can’t fathom why Camelback won’t spend the extra money to invest in more snowtubes. Because of this, it took between 20-30 minutes between runs which isn’t entirely efficient given how short the hill really is.

photo 5 (62)

But CJ enjoyed himself.

photo 1

Mostly. “Momma!”

And yes, CJ has gloves, but sometimes he doesn’t like to wear them.

photo 2

After my second run with CJ, he slipped and fell on the ice which I suppose terrified him. It wasn’t a hard fall, but he didn’t want to go anymore and wanted to go back to where Grace was waiting with EJ. I sort of persuaded him to go up a third time, but he ended up crying all the way down.

photo 3 (94)

So afterwards we took a hot chocolate break, and after convincing him to go again, Grace and I switched jackets, because my ticket was on my zipper, so that she could go with CJ. I stayed with EJ which meant I was wearing a woman’s North Face, lol!

photo 3 (95)

CJ went down a total of five times. So $50 for five runs made each slide down cost us $10. That’s pretty costly which makes me motivated to research the best snowtubing hills in Queens. There has to be a free and accessible spot somewhere near us.

photo 2

We actually almost didn’t go as I tried to cancel our hotel reservation Saturday night due to the impending rain and EJ being fussy as of late, but I called two hours too late and so we were forced to go. But we’re glad we went and even though there were a couple of meltdowns, CJ had so much fun that he performed one of his most wildest tantrums ever when we got home, we survived and ended up getting exactly what we wanted…more priceless family memories 🙂

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