CJ’s 3rd Birthday Party


On Saturday we hosted CJ’s birthday party for the family.


We served up some tasty Korean food that Grace’s mom helped us prepare.



For entertainment, I had my youtube channel streaming on the television and my annual CJ quiz kept people occupied.


I thought a Suhu was going to win, but one of my aunts took the grand prize home:


Christmas Glad tupperware that was 50% off at Target on the day after Christmas, $1.49, lol!


Because of CJ’s food allergies, he had never experienced a real birthday cake, but Grace got the grand idea of getting an ice-cream cake. But not any ordinary Carvel cake because those contain cookie crumbs. No, CJ deserved the very best from the Chinatown Ice-Cream Factory. Hands down, they have the best ice-cream flavors in the city: lychee, green tea, red bean, almond, banana, mango, etc. And aside from a few like almond, CJ can eat most of these glorious flavors.


So we opted for the pre-made lychee, green tea, and red bean ice-cream cake and it was a hit.


CJ devoured the thing and everyone else pleasantly enjoyed the cake. Yes, it’s not a real real birthday cake, but it’s still a cake and we’re so thankful that CJ was able to finally participate in such a tradition.


And we were able to score a complete family photo. It was really good to have everyone come out and show their love and support.

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2 Responses to CJ’s 3rd Birthday Party

  1. Janina421 says:

    1. Ice cream cake is a real birthday cake. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, CJ.
    2. Where’s your daughter in that family picture?

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