My 2014 REVIEW


To compare, these are my results from 2013 and below are my goals for 2014 with [very sad] results.

  • Go paintballing at least once. I am very sad I did not get to shoot someone this year.
  • Finish reading Give Them Grace. Facepalm.
  • Not get sick next winter. Does anyone remember me missing my super bowl party?
  • Lose 15 pounds. I think I meant GAIN 15 pounds.
  • Read the Bible at least four times a week. This list is beginning to stress me out.
  • Watch the new Godzilla movie at the Fresh Meadows theater. I conquered this and then some with Captain America: Winter Soldier, Guardians of the Galaxy, and a bunch of other films.
  • Finish my half-marathon in under three hours. I’m beginning to cry. I think I was so embarrassed that I didn’t even write a post about not running, lol!
  • Achieve a regents passing rate higher than last year’s 65%. I killed this with 72%!
  • Go to the New York Comic-Con with Terence and Alan again. I had no one to talk to, but I still had a blast.
  • Adhere to 1 Timothy 3. I think I know where this came from. This still hurts to this day.
  • Be a better father than I was last year. I hope so.
  • Love my children and serve my wife with all my heart and soul. You’re gonna have to ask Grace about this one.
  • Play Munchkin and Resistance. I played Settlers and Qwirkle…once.
  • Get a PS3 (or PS4). This is getting very bleak.
  • Win the Peter Ong Fantasy Football League. Placed 4th out of 12.

Although I failed most objectives, I think this is a testament to EJ being born. Ha! No, that’s just a cop out. It’s difficult having two kids with one being a newborn, but I could have achieved most if I was more disciplined or determined. Nonetheless, I think I did pretty well in the things that mattered. Aside from failing to read Scripture much, I helped most of my students pass their geometry regents, and I’m sure I’ve grown a little wiser as a husband and father, so 2014 wasn’t all for naught. Plus having EJ was a huge gift, one that keeps on giving, ha, and CJ has grown so much into a talkative and bossy little school boy, which makes 2014 pretty awesome. And with Grace and I slowly getting more involved with church again now that EJ is bigger, and learning more about the gospel, things are moving along.

So 2014 was a great year, very memorable and life-altering as always. Cheers. Tomorrow I’ll post my [very low achieving] goals for 2015.

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