Happy 3rd Birthday, CJ! [Dear Caleb]

photo 3 (86)

WOW! Three years-old, you’re a big boy! This has been a huge year for you. From being proficient in your listening and speaking skills, to going to school and being more social, you’ve changed so much from a year ago. You can speak in full sentences and can hold a good conversation on your own, it’s quite enjoyable to be around you and listen to what you have to say. You always ask for chocolate raisins, you’re adamant about praying before eating, and you love to have us read you the Bible.

photo 4 (71)

You enjoy school very much and have learned to play and imagine with your toys on your own. You are open with your emotions, being happy or sad, and you have a great sense of awareness and humor, often mimicking those around you. Although still stubborn and hyper OCD sensitive at times, you’re much more cooperative and trusting of your parents. And you always, always ask for the car keys to open the garage door when we go out.

photo 1

And you seem to show some promise as a photographer. Your framing is very good, you know how to change up my filters, and you’re capable of taking selfies. Amazing.

photo 2

But what I’m most proud of of you is your love for your sister. We weren’t really sure how you’d react when EJ was born, but you immediately took to a liking of her and you have shown yourself to be very protective and sweet to her. I thought perhaps you would be jealous, and sometimes you are when she plays with your toys, but you are definitely not malicious and I’ve never witnessed you to have any ill intent on hurting your sister. You are kind and gentle with your little sister and love her very deeply, and thus I can trust you when you are around her. I know I yell at you too much, but I love you, son, and I love being your dad, and I hope you will continue to love others and learn to love Jesus.


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