MTA Transit Museum

photo 4 (69)

On Christmas Eve, we went to the MTA Transit Museum in Brooklyn. We always wanted to take CJ there, but never really had the chance because the weather was so nice out this past summer. So since it was cloudy and rainy, we finally decided to take him underground.

photo 3 (84)

It was nice, but not such a great idea. The museum is located in the heart of City Hall in Brooklyn, so parking is difficult, and since it was raining, it made it even harder and uncomfortable to run back out to put more quarters in the meter.

photo 1

But CJ enjoyed it all. He had fun in the discovery playroom.

photo 2

And enjoyed running in and out of the buses and trains.

photo 5 (56)

On the second level there was a nice array of trains from various decades.

photo 1

Now I know why we’re called straphangers.

photo 2

photo 3 (85)

Tokens. Who remembers tokens?

photo 4 (70)

We really just wanted to get out of there and get lunch.

photo 5 (57)

I remember this one at my 63rd Drive subway station. Overall, great for kids, but it sucks if it’s raining.

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