CJ’s Holiday Musical Performance

040 - Copy

Yesterday, CJ’s school had their annual Holiday Musical Program where all the kids put on a short show of singing and dancing to holiday tunes.

064 - Copy

Grace and I were uber excited, but Grace remained cool-headed as she said there was a real possibility that CJ would be one of those kids who just stands there and does nothing.

I think I recorded all the songs.

082 - Copy

Well, his shyness abounded greatly.

086 - Copy

Nonetheless, we’re so proud of our son who has made leaps and bounds from initially not wanting to go to school before it all started, and now having reached this point where he loves school and didn’t cry or run of the stage is amazing.

092 - Copy

Good friends.

111 - Copy

CJ’s teachers.

101 - Copy  123 - Copy 124 133

EJ was having a blast.

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