So I was working my third job at home, trolling the internet (the first being a dad and the second being a teacher), and I came across this excellent documentary about Antarctica. Now, I really don’t watch documentaries as I view them as subpar movies or simply made-for-television films that aren’t worthy of my time. The last one I did watch was Linsanity a year ago, but that was only because it was about an athletic Asian Christian, slightly more relatable to me than say, Man on a Wire or Murderball. In any case, I was intrigued because whenever winter rolls around here in New York City and I need to break out my North Face, as I’m walking up a couple of blocks to the subway my mind tends to wander as to how I’d fare in a very cold climate, such as the South Pole. If you think hard enough, this is a fair thought as I’m obsessed with end-of-the-world scenarios such as zombies, so the winter apocalypse, such as, you guessed it, The Day After Tomorrow, is a very plausible day-dream to have. I always wondered how many layers I’d need (now I know: 5 layers for 25 below celsius), or what’s there to eat or do down there. So coming across this documentary was very appealing and I sat and watched the entire hour immediately upon my discovery.

The most appealing aspect about the documentary is that it spends quality time with a camp site’s team in their everyday routine. There isn’t much of an overarching conflict or a climatic payoff. It’s just about a guy filming a small team that’s preparing itself for the three summer months of housing various scientists, explorers, adventurers, and tourists. And in the mundane of such things, the filmmaker creates a very eye-opening and fun, but somber film about the people who enjoy Antarctica. Somber because the creator does insert his own personal message about the scary future of the frozen continent, but he does so to help us fall in love with a place that most of us will never experience. It’s also shot and edited beautifully with soothing music.

If you have an hour to kill, you should watch this. If not, go watch HGTV.

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