Go To School…Early In The Morning

photo 1

The other day I had the privilege of taking my son to school for the very first time. It was pretty stressful on my part. I had to make sure CJ’s backpack was filled with the proper snacks, change him into his clothes, have him pee before leaving, and leave on time. It’s not all fun and games when it comes getting a young kid to school. Makes me appreciate even more Grace, my dad, and mother-in-law as they all do a wonderful job rotating taking CJ to school.

photo 2

But I thoroughly enjoyed it as I really felt like I was being a dad. I drove CJ to school and found parking a little too early, so we had to wait for the doors to open up which heightened the anticipation and excitement. Once they let us in, I followed CJ into his classroom and into the coat closet where his cubby was to hang up his belongings. Although he quickly ran off to play, it was fun seeing him immediately interact with his friends and teacher as they all played together.

photo 3 (82)

And then picking him up was fun as I heard the teacher say, “Caleb, your daddy’s here!”, and he ran out to give me a big hug. One of my best daddy moments ever.

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