I Am Thankful For…Toys!


This has been a crazy year, but a year full of reasons to be abundantly thankful for. I always sort of wondered why Thanksgiving wasn’t more at the end of December because it’s a reflective time that can coincide with the past year and also look forward to the coming year, but I suppose Abe Lincoln thought it best to give Thanksgiving and Christmas some space. So I normally wait until the end of the year to be contemplative, but I guess I’ll take some time here to do so. I am thankful for…

  • My beautiful and strong wife and mother of my two children. She really knows best in how to love our kids.
  • EJ, the cutest little girl in the world.
  • CJ coming around and being more loving and obedient, and less defiant.
  • CJ going to school and really enjoying it. His speech and cognitive skills have exponentially improved because of the interaction.
  • Grace’s mom care of our kids each day, my dad for taking CJ to school, and my mom’s cooking, and the help of family.
  • King’s Cross Church in laboring to be a gospel-centered community.
  • The jobs that Grace and I have in being able to help serve the sick and needy.
  • The super hot home that we have.
  • Jesus Christ’s redemptive work, and being sufficient and overflowing in his grace and mercy towards us each day.

Feasting On Thanksgiving

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