I Have Made Fire

photo 1

A couple of months ago, I jammed in the bottom tray drawer to my oven and since then the oven hasn’t been working.

photo 2

We really don’t use our oven often, but with Thanksgiving looming I decided to research about oven troubleshooting which led me to the possibility of my oven igniter being broken, which was the exact case.

photo 5 (53)

When I jammed the oven drawer so violently two things happened. I twisted the oven igniter so that it wasn’t flush against the gas line which meant it couldn’t ignite the gas. And I also broke the two igniters into pieces which prevented a spark to begin the process.

photo 3 (78)

On the GE website, a replacement oven igniter costs $96.00, but I purchased the same part for $26 on Amazon.

Before I had purchased the replacement part, I searched Youtube for any tutorials and I found this video that had an oven set up that looked exactly like mine. It looked like an easy process, so I went ahead and ordered the part.

photo 4 (66)

I followed the tutorial’s instructions and I was done in less than 30 minutes. Although I was relieved that the repair was relatively easy, I was half expecting my oven to still not light up.

photo (99)

But after plugging the oven back in, the igniter worked and it properly set the gas aflame.

I was so thankful that the repair was successful that I felt like Tom Hanks in Cast Away.

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