Halloween 2014

photo 1

Last year was CJ’s first time trick-or-treating, but after visiting a couple of stores we gave up and ate dinner at Chipotle. So yet again, because we didn’t want CJ’s costume to be a one-and-done deal, we went trick-or-treating, but for real this time. The Au’s graciously invited us to tag along their group, so we met up on Burns and Ascan in Forest Hills and trolled all the rich people’s houses. It was like the wealthy paying homage to us poor people.

photo 2

I think this was CJ’s first time walking up to someone’s house.

photo 3 (76)

Burns Street was so packed that the street should have been closed off to traffic.

photo 4 (64)

Kids and parents swarmed decorated homes as if it were the zombie apocalypse.

photo 5 (51)

I’ve only seen such hordes of trick-or-treaters in movies.

photo 1

I was finally able to score a solo pick of CJ without any interference from other trollers.

photo 2

Unfortunately Grace had to work, so I had to go solo with EJ strapped to me. That was a great suggestion from the wife because parents with strollers had such a difficult time navigating the narrow and congested sidewalks, and I was able to walk up the steps with CJ to make sure older kids didn’t push him over. We all tried to help each other within our group, but with all the commotion we ended up splintering off. Plus it didn’t help that CJ just kept wanting to go on no matter who he left behind.

photo 3 (77)

We think we spent an hour grabbing candy and I was exhausted.

photo 5 (52)

photo 4 (65)

But CJ loved it and had a grand time being a first-timer, which meant it was my first time trick-or-treating too. I’m sure if I was a kid, I probably would have had fun as well. And it was interesting to watch CJ navigate his environment and interact with different kids as he’s getting older and braver, and I must say that CJ is a very polite and kind boy. He didn’t rush to grab candy, nor did he use his tiny size to quickly weasel his way through crowds, but he waited patiently for his turn and didn’t push anyone out of his way like other kids. This was quite noticeable because I see him more at home where he’s prone to outbursts and tantrums. He’s not as selfish as I think he is. Quite possibly, my son may grow up to be a fine gentleman, lol!

After leaving Burns Street, returning to the car, and getting home, CJ was still excited to have gone trick-or-treating.

Counting his spoils. I know it’s not really a lot, but it’s definitely more than last year.


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