Iced Spinach

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I think I’m getting a bit agitated by these late night bloody nose sessions. The first few times were perhaps understandable given the dry air and how much CJ loves to pick his nose, but the increased frequency as of late is getting to be a bit too much these days. And it’s not like we can give it a pinch and it stops. No, he’s gushing red waterfalls which requires loads of paper towels and some ice packs on top of his crying and worry. Most times we have to restrain CJ’s arms from preventing him from pulling away and letting the river flow freely. And then comes the clean up which entails spraying down the stains with organic stain remover and scrubbing out the blood, which may possibly precede an emergency load of laundry. Fun times.

However, I’m thankful that CJ has become more aware of such occurrences as he has the appropriateness to run out and inform us before red puddles form on his blanket, bedsheets, or pillow. We definitely need a new humidifier, but now I’m considering if taking CJ to an ENT ped specialist to see if cauterization may be an option like what I had done three years ago. But even if it’s possible, I’m sure CJ would have some words with us about it beforehand.

[Emergency laundry…the inevitable outcome to many parenting fails.]

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