Best Job I Ever Had [My FURY Review]


I have a fascination with World War II. Part of it is because my grandfather was an army veteran and part of it stems from my interests in military and shooter video games. But I think what really attracts me to 1944 is that it was a such a tragic and horrific time, and yet normal, everyday men were drafted and rose to the calling to fight in the second great war and achieve superhero type heroics of fighting for and saving the lives of their comrades. I think that’s pretty amazing and that’s why I had an itch to watch Fury.

Now right off the bat Fury has much stacked up against it in the likes of Saving Private Ryan, and perhaps even the Band of Brothers series, which says a lot about how revolutionary and great Saving Private Ryan is. But director David Ayer knows this which is why he chose to add the tank element to his film and ultimately succeeds in giving us something fresh and interesting. But Ayer does more and brings in a superb cast headed by Brad Pitt that perfectly relays the stress and anxiety brought upon by war and death within a steel box. However, the director could have utilized Pitt even further by providing more depth as to why he abhors the Nazi SS so terribly, such that he goes out and risks the lives of his men just to kill more SS soldiers. It just didn’t make sense coming from a commanding officer.

There’s not much to be said about the typical war plot of go here, protect this point, prevent the enemy from getting past you because you’re the last line of defense, and here’s a newb so that the audience can relate to a character. We’re also presented with a tense, yet overdone Tarentino-ish scene, but at least there’s an intense Mexican standoff tank sequence that gives the audience exactly what it paid for. Tanks were these metal monsters set upon the land to destroy anything in its path and things get raised to the nth degree when these monsters go head-to-head. Sadly though, we’re only given enough of the tank-on-tank action to whet our appetite and little else to keep itself from falling into already done WWII cliches.

It’s definitely not as good as Saving Private Ryan, but if you’re into World War II films or you’re a Brad Pitt fan, it’s certainly not a waste of time.

I’ll give this 3.5 stars out of 5.

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