Baby Isaac

photo (83)

Recently, CJ has taken an interest in wanting to read one of his toddler Bibles. It’s not the best one we have, but it keeps him entertained and it’s accompanied by a more expansive DVD that he likes to watch as well. I don’t think this particular version is entirely gospel-centered, but it does its job in presenting the stories in a simple nature that toddlers can remember. Case in point, after reading a few stories for the very first time, CJ wanted me to start over again and he quickly picked up the names of a few key characters, one of them being baby Isaac.

We’re really delighted that CJ likes to sit with us to read the Bible, and it’s not something that we expected to be doing with him at such a young age, for we hope we can continue this tradition as God softens CJ’s heart and lays down the foundation and seeds of his faith in Jesus.

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