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So after four days of what we suspected as croup, I took CJ to the pediatrician’s office last Monday and the doctor confirmed that he had croup. He said that children can have croup for around seven to ten days, and he’ s even had cases of up to two weeks.

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But thankfully CJ’s fever broke Tuesday and he was much better by Wednesday. He still has a cough, but it’s a normal and slightly phlegmy cough and nothing nearly like the bark he had last week. Since we kept him home from church and school for the past week and a half, CJ was quite delighted to see his friends at church yesterday. And he should be okay to return to school tomorrow.

photo 1 (99)

In all of this, we’ve been praying earnestly that EJ doesn’t catch her brother’s croup, let alone develop any fever, and so far she’s just had some slight congestion and nothing preventing her from sleeping normally. Grace and I both think that she’s handling all the germs around home a bit better than her brother because of the antibodies that she’s getting from the breast milk.

photo 4 (57)

I can’t believe she’s almost five months old.

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