Barking Flu

photo 3 (67)

Late last Thursday afternoon, CJ most probably caught something from a classmate and came down with a high-grade fever and then developed a loud and deep cough overnight. We thought it could be the flu, but the cough was very unusual. He seemed to sweat out his fever overnight and it was nonexistent in the morning, but the cough still remained. I called the doctor’s office and the pediatrician said that cough medicine is for children 4 years and older, and all we could do is give him a lot of liquids and fresh air.

photo 2 (96)

For a while I thought maybe he had enterovirus D68 that spread from the midwest, but the mysterious cough was throwing us off. We finally googled and youtube-ed whooping-cough and croup, and we’re confident that CJ has croup.

Since it’s a virus and CJ’s breathing has been okay at night, going to the doctor’s office may prove to be a waste of time, although a batch of steroids would be nice. Overall, CJ has been himself, so we’re not too overly concerned. We took him out on Saturday to run errands with us and I stayed home with him on Sunday and took him to the park while Grace took EJ to church.

photo 4 (56)

It’s been over four days now and as of last night he still had the cough and a low-grade fever on and off. We’re hoping CJ can get better quickly and return to school on Wednesday.

photo 1 (98)

We’re praying fervently that EJ doesn’t catch croup from CJ. We’ve been constantly steering CJ away from his sister and washing both their hands and face often.

photo 5 (45)

She’s on the verge of rolling over on her own.

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