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I completely forgot to write about last month’s softball tournament. I think it was quite successful as planning was relatively light and not time-consuming, we had 18 teams participate, and we were to able to smoothly integrate the new prayer model in which we asked that teams introduce themselves and say a short prayer with the opposing team before each game. Despite some rain showers, it was a great day to play softball.

Someone frankly asked me why I put my time and energy into the tournament, especially when I did not play this year, and all I could say was that I love softball and view it as a great way for friends to bond together. But after some introspection, and more importantly, I got to see and understand firsthand how churches were using the softball tournament to ask their non-Christian friends to not only practice and play with them, but to also invite them to church and community group. That’s why I did the tournament. Amazing.

And so with that, after three great tournaments, I am bowing out of being part of the softball tournament planning team and have thankfully found my replacement in someone who is as organized and passionate about softball as I am.


Well, I was able to get a couple of innings in.

14839301518_5d15928493_o (Medium)

Reinforcements have arrived.

14839293118_7648d21562_o (Medium)

First batter and I’m already put to the test.

15025540262_8e82e911c9_o (Medium) 14839290958_7912376aa0_o (Medium)

50 WAR.

15025538432_3483e69ea1_o (Medium)

Balls don’t drop in my house.

15022776451_12bda4940e_o (Medium)

Get ready to bring the rain.

15022777501_bc9022d184_o (Medium) 14839306067_f36c3696f2_o (Medium)

So easy that I bat with my eyes closed.

14839111989_5fee628b08_o (Medium)

Terrible form.

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