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So we’ve been having a difficult time convincing CJ that he’ll have fun at school, let alone simply going to our church’s nursery during service is a constant adventure in itself. We’ve tried to bribe him with everything under the sun from smoothies and toys, to trips to Sesame Place, but to no avail. Then recently, Grace fell upon an article written by a mother who had a similar experience and created a book for her child to help him get over his fear of school.

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Grace visited Barnes & Noble, but they didn’t have anything worthy of purchasing, so Grace took it upon herself to craft a short story about our son going to school.

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She created the book in less than a day and I think she did an amazing job in trying to help prepare CJ for his first day of orientation for daycare tomorrow. As she read it to CJ for the first time, it struck a chord in him when she got to the part of mommy coming back for him. We know he’s going to cry a lot, but we’re praying that God will change his heart and learn to trust that we love him and we’ll always return for him.

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2 Responses to School

  1. Judy says:

    Grace did a great job creating this special book for Caleb 🙂 I’m sure it will help ease Caleb’s insecurities and fears. Just as an encouragement…our oldest, Jennifer, had the same issue as Caleb. She wouldn’t go to children’s Sunday school on her own and always had to have one of us with her. When it came time to go to nursery school, it didn’t change either. We took her to the school before the first day and hoped that would help but it didn’t. On her first day of nursery school, it was heart breaking. We left her with the administrator and she screamed (as well as crying) for “mommy” and we were able to hear her half way down the block 😦 At that moment, I felt like a bad mommy as I walked to the train station to work. Each day got a little better and by the end of two weeks she adjusted to the school routine. Now speed twenty something years later, she started her student teaching assignment yesterday.

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